Residential Surface Prep

Surface prep is the conditioning and treating of the concrete in order to ensure that the slab is compliant with whatever material and process happens next. DemoBoy is skilled in the use of these processes and techniques:


Checkmark-20Diamond Grinding

Planetary grinders and diamond cup wheels are used to remove any type of coating from the surface of concrete.
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Use scarifiers for:

• Repairing common slab problems: curled joints, high spots, uneven slabs, burned slabs due to over troweling, trowel marks.
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Checkmark-20Flattening & Leveling

The removal of hardened concrete substrates and the adding of polymer-rich cementatious material for the purpose of flattening and bringing the subfloor into standard for the application of wood, tile, VCT or vinyl.
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Checkmark-20Moisture Testing

All concrete slabs, regardless of age, elevation or location emit some degree of moisture in the form of vapor.
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Checkmark-20Moisture Guarding

The analyzing of the information based on the readings taken during moisture testing and the requirements for full warranty of any surface material glued down to a slab of concrete. DemoBoy is well familiar with the types of products out on the market but always you must first consult the manufacturer of any given material.

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